On Smoking: Studies Say There’s More Tobacco Retailers than Pharmacies

hand holding a cigarette

Based on Cancer Council NSW’s audit report 2012, they have estimated that the number of tobacco retailers(9,597) are five times more than pharmacies. Meaning there’s more access for people getting addicted to smoking than being helped to stop smoking.

Smoking cigarettes can gravely affect a person’s health.  Some of the effects are: increased blood pressure and heart rate, increased risk of stroke, reduced lung function and breathlessness, gum disease, more prone to infection as there’s decreased immune system, reduce bone density, and reduced fertility.  Second-hand smokers, meaning the family and friends of the smoker, will be affected by the harmful effects of cigarette smoke too.

Until December 20th, anyone is invited to contribute into the review of the Public Health (Tobacco)Act 2008.  This Act is the legislation that says how tobacco is sold in NSW.  Cancer Council’s contribution focused on reducing availability and supply of tobacco, calling for a positive tobacco retailer licensing scheme, and amending the Retailer Notification Scheme’s rule over the tobacco retailers (if it is too many or too close to schools).

It is very vital to both prevent having new smokers and stop the current smokers from buying cigarettes.  The pharmacy is only one option to help smokers stop from smoking.  Family and friend’s support are also necessary in helping beat the urge to smoke.

Prescription medications are available, depending on other health conditions, to help stop smoking.  Aside from that, nicotine replacement therapies in the form of patches, gums, lozenges, tablets, inhalers, or sprays can be used to help stop the urge to smoke.

Supplementary Support to Stop Smoking:

1. Quitline hotline (13QUIT) is confidential and offers counselling on how to go about real life situations to stop smoking.

2. Phone Apps.  There are now plenty of mobile apps that gives encouragement for every day that one avoids the cigarette.  On top of that, users are informed of how their health has recovered and prevented from having diseases.

3.  Financial reason.  Quitting smoking can help save money to get a deposit on a house, or go travel.  Not only that, stopping smoking can prevent having plenty of visits to the doctor, dentist, pharmacies.

Say no to smoking.  Let us send out our appeal to the government for a smoke-free future.

Photo credit: massimo ankor / Foter.com / CC BY-NC